*fanfare* Charge!

Zap is an offensive Spell. Its function is to place a magical charge on a weapon, which is released upon striking an enemy, causing extra damage. It first appears in Quest for Glory I and is available in all games.

Zap requires 3 MP to cast in the first four games. In Quest for Glory V, Zap's cost is increased to 10 MP.


Zap is an entry-level spell, and the Magic User will automatically begin Quest for Glory I and all games thereafter knowing it.

The spell can be purchased from Shakra's Magic Shop in Quest for Glory V for 200 drachmas.


When cast in any of the first four games, the Hero's primary weapon (either his Dagger or Sword) will be enchanted with a magical charge. The next strike the Hero makes with the weapon will release the charge, causing extra damage. Having more skill in Zap will allow the charge to cause more damage.

A weapon can only ever have one Zap charge upon it at a time. While the spell can be cast repeatedly, only the latest charge will be in effect.

Zap can be cast while in combat if the Hero doesn't have a Shield, and thus a free left hand to cast.

In Quest for Glory V, Zap can be cast on any weapon the Hero owns, but he must be equipped with the weapon at the time, otherwise the spell will fizzle.

Special UsesEdit

Zap is used in Mage's Maze to fortify your creature against the opposing creature.


The spell is trained by being cast repeatedly. In Quest for Glory III, the spell can only be trained when it is cast in combat. Casting outside of combat will not train the spell or use up any mana points. Fighter/Paladin hybrids are not able to train the spell in this game since they cannot access the Magic User's combat menu. Despite a weapon only being able to carry a single charge at one time, the spell can be continually cast and will be properly trained.


A Magic User will always have Zap regardless of his import status.

If a Hybrid character is created and is given Magic, the only way he will not have Zap is if the Hybrid is created in Quest for Glory I. The very next game he imports to, he'll be given the spell.


  • It is puzzling that Shakra sells Zap in his Magic Shop, considering there is no possible way that the Hero with magical ability could be without it.
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