Yesufu is a youth of the Simbani tribe, and the son of the Laibon, the leader of the tribe.


He befriends the hero during his first visit to the Simbani village.

Yesufu enjoys the game Awari, which the Hero can play to gain Intelligence and engage in additional dialogue. While playing, Yesufu expresses interest in all the hero's stories. He learned the Common language from Uhura and desires to go adventuring himself. Like the others in his tribe, he distrusts magic before experience with outsiders changes his views.

If the hero is a fighter or paladin, he must compete against Yesufu in the trials to become a warrior of the Simbani. During the running contest, Yesufu will fall into a trap. Should the hero be an honorable sort, he has the option of helping Yesufu out, and gaining Honor in the process. Alternately, the hero may choose to be more ruthless and instead decide to leave Yesufu behind; however, in that event, if Yesufu nevertheless wins the competition he will take revenge by demanding the hero's banishment from the tribe, terminating the Hero's adventures.

He is strongly interested in the Leopardman prisoner Johari as a bride, much to his father's disgust. Yesufu is one of the five allies that aid the hero in defeating the Demon Wizard.

In Silmaria, Rakeesh tells the hero that Yesufu and Johari have been married.


  • Yesufu is the Swahili variant of the name "Joseph".