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Undead beings are entities (almost always human) who were once alive, died, but continue to act in a semblance of life.


Some undead are sentient and remember parts of their former living, others don't, and some may even think that they're still alive. Most undead creatures are deeply envious of life, or may require living flesh or blood in order to subsist, therefore making them dangerously aggressive toward the living beings. Mindless undead also make perfect servants and minions.

Undead come to be via a variety of different means; some led an immoral life and were denied the afterlife, some died in a particularly violent manner, some are called back when their gravesite is desecrated, some are left with unfinished business upon the earth and some are created deliberately through dark magic.

Quest for Glory IV[]

Hostile undead, mostly Wraiths, inflict a cold draining effect on the hero, unless he casts Magda (Gypsy)'s Aura (if he has magic skills) or wears her Undead Amulet (which is given only to those without magic skills).

List of Undead creatures[]