Uhura is a female Simbani warrior


She desired a child of her own, and left her native village, because according to Simbani custom, she was not allowed to be both a warrior and a wife. So Uhura ventured to Shapeir so that she could have a child out of wedlock and still return to her home village as a mother, yet remain an unmarried warrior. She chose one of the Sultan's guards as the father.

She and her son Simba accompany Rakeesh and whom Devon Aidendale first encounters as the Adventurer's Guild Master and trainer in Shapeir.

The four go Hero back to Tarna at the beginning of Quest for Glory III: Wages of War. She meets up with the Hero again in the Simbani Village and helps prepare him for his own initiation as a Simbani Warrior by teaching him spear throwing and on the balance beam (if he is a Fighter). Uhura also welcomes the Hero into her hut at night to talk about current events and explain the Simbani culture.

She encounters the Hero one last time helping him out against the Demon Wizard along with Rakeesh, Manu, Reeshaka, Yesufu, Johari and Harami.

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  • Her name means "freedom" in Swahili.
  • If the Hero attempts to kiss Uhura in QFG2, the game comments that it would probably anger her, and that you wouldn't want to see her mad.
  • If the Hero attempts to give Uhura flowers in QFG2, she accepts them claiming they will be useful for salad.
  • If you ask her about home, she says her land and people many months travel from Shapeir. However, she will not respond to a question about "Tarna". This may indicate that she may have originally not been connected to Rakeesh's home.