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Space Quest for Glory: Trial by Plunger is a short fan made Sierra On-Line game created by Infamous Adventures as a follow up to an April Fools joke. Trial by Plunger also served as a way to hype the anticipation for the release for Space Quest II Remake.


Welcome to the ultimate battle of all time. The lords of destiny have been cast. The time has come for all men to put aside their fears, and grasp that which can grant the entire galaxy their freedom. It's time for a Trial by Plunger.

Join Roger Wilco, ace janitor and all around good guy as he prepares to do battle with all the nefarious creatures of the galaxy. Janitor style. Show them no mercy. Sanitize, Pulverize and Plunge.

Battle the Labion Terror beast in a battle to the death! Get your plunger ready for the biggest battle the galaxy has ever seen!

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