Soulforge is the Paladin sword .


It was wielded by Rakeesh, who lent it to Devon Aidendale to battle the Earth Elemental as a Fighter. The player then returns the sword back to Rakeesh. When he returned the Emir Arus al-Din and if he proved worthy of becoming a Paladin, he offers the sword to him.

Devon if a fighter with enough honor is given it during a ceremony in Tarna, and battled beasts and monsters there, but it was left behind with the rest of his equipment when he was spirited away to Mordavia.[1]

Rakeesh took it with him in Silmaria and offered it again to him , but upon learning Devon had now found and used the sword of Piotyr, Rakeesh kept it.

Behind the scenesEdit

A paladin who enters QFG3 from QFG2 will have the 'sword (QFG3)' item (though technically this would be Soulforge as that was given to the Hero back in QFG2). This can be become the Magical Sword item the moment the player earns Flaming Sword ability.

A fighter who has enough honor to become a paladin in QFG3 is given Soulforge during the ceremony, instead. In QFG5 there is a nod to the hero likely having had Soulforge in Tarna if the player is a paladin.

Note: That the QFG3 Sword item is also shared by the Fighter, as a fighter, not upgradeable into the Magical Sword item.

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