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The information from this article is from the fan game {{{game}}} or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.


ZZT universe[]

She is the wife and servant of Shameen of the inn of Spielburg.  Shema can be found at the back of the Katta Tale's Inn (unofficial). She tells Jago Daforgo a little about her past, having come from her homeland of Shapeir (unofficial), and tells him to sit down and she will serve him. She offers Jago, Food for 3 Silver Coins, or Drink for 2 Silver Coins.

AGDI universe[]


One year before QFG2VGA, Shema and Shameen sold the inn they were running at the time in order to find a hero. They left on a caravan heading north towards Petalumeir.

In this fan game, Shema is now one of the characters that the hero can flirt with. If the player types "flirt" or "ask about kiss" (in parser mode), it mentions the hero throwing her a subtle wink, and trying out one of his most playful pickup lines. She responds stammering, that you are most kind to say sweet things to her. If you attempt to flirt again, he tries another pickup line on her (on same night or later date), and it mentions that she merely gives you an uncomfortable glance and doesn't respond.

If you attempt to flirt for a third time, Shema pounces on the hero and the game sorta ends.[citation needed]