Shallah is Shameen and Shema's nephew, a wood carving Katta merchant living in Tarna. He misses his homeland and delights in the Hero's stories of Shapeir and Raseir. When the Hero gives him the letter from Shema, and tells him about Shapeir, he gives Devon Aidendale a carving of a leopard for free.

He is a friend of Sitar and Lisha and remembers how Lisha could always be seen selling flowers and how Sitar could be seen playing the pipe for his snake.

Behind the scenesEdit

Shallah refers to four seperate Katta in the QFG3, Shema, Shameen, Lisha and Sitar. The close proximity of these Katta in QFG2 may mean that Shallah used to have his stall in the gate plaza in Shapeir.