Quest for Glory Omnipedia

Sauruses or Saurii (aka dinosaurs) are big scaly lizard-like creatures of enormous appetites and very little brain and run around the forests or deserts.

Sauruses have highly developed hind quarters to run and small, under-developed front limbs to grasp food, a large mouth filled with sharp teeth.

Around Spielburg these creatures are dangerous monsters hunting adventurers (although easily defeated and usually the first monster a novice will ever slay easily), however the Land of Shapeir is home to a race of Sauruses which is domesticated, and used as a mount for traveling the desert. Wild sauruses are hunted for their edible meat. Sauruses also provide oil and also leather and hide.

Sauruses come in different varieties including the Purple Saurus (a wild and stupid variety), the Green Saurus (often domesticated), and the Red Saurus.

These mounts are fearless, loyal, and quick to defend its master against monsters (although not all). Most critically, it can always find its way back to the place where it is stabled, so it never gets lost.

Other variants include the Tyrannosaurus, Saurus Rex, the Terrorsaurus, and the Dinosaur (Habari Kubwa, Running Death).