Salim Nafs was the herbalist and apothecary of Tarna and later Silmaria.


He loves plants and all living creatures, hates war (even though it's good for business), and is a vegetarian. He speaks and dresses like a stereotypical hippy, and has a big heart. Salim serves as the Hero's primary vendor of potions in Tarna, and is even able to assist in concocting one of the powerful Dispel Potions that the Hero previously required not too long ago.

When he heard the story of Julanar, a woman turned to tree and to whom the Hero had restored her faith in humanity, he left for Shapeir and completed her transformation back into a woman by giving her the only thing the Hero couldn't: love.

Both moved to Silmaria to run the apothecary there. In Dragon Fire , they assisted the Hero in his quest to become the King of Silmaria, and cared for his allies Shakra sah Tarna and Erasmus after they were drugged. They also created an antidote for the poison of the assassin.

Notes Edit

  • Salim Nafs is Arabic for "undamaged soul".
  • As stereotypical hippy custom dictates, Salim possesses a water pipe in his shop in Tarna - the Hero may partake in smoking it if he has a Tinder Box to light it with, however if he peruses it more than twice, the game will end.
  • Salim's portrait looks like Corey Cole and fans believed that Cole posed as a model, however it was a different actor.
  • In Dragon Fire, he was voiced by Steve Blum.