QfG4 Revenant

Revenants are undead low-power vampires appearing in Shadows of Darkness. They have no memory of what they were before they died. They only know the hunger for living flesh that drives them out of their graves at night. They may look like walking corpses, but they're far more vicious and bloodthirsty than any mere Zombie.[1] They are somewhat similar to Ghouls in their behavior.

The Revenants along with most of the monsters in the Land apparently appeared after the Cult of the Amon Tillado brought the Darkness to the land. They may be victims killed after the war with the cult, or animated corpses brought back by the darkness spreading over the land.[2]

The Revenants appear in the Forest of Mordavia only at night, much like the wraiths. However, unlike most enemies, they don't chase the Hero for multiple screens (because they are slow), but rather rise from the ground directly before or beside him (sometimes it's even triggered by the action of simply standing still in the middle of a screen). Like all undead creatures, Revenants are susceptible to magic, and have a weakness for fire (e.g. spells like flame dart working very well against them).

In combat, a Revenant tends to use the same technique of slow approach as Vorpal Bunnies. Throwing daggers or rocks at it works well, but keep in mind that it has a tad more health than a Vorpal.

Revenants drop valuable loot, such as coins and potions.

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