Reeshaka Dar Kreesha is a Liontaur warrior, the daughter of Rakeesh and Kreesha.

Background Edit

When hostilities among the Simbani and the Leopardmen threatened to escalate into open war, the Council of Tarna asked her to lead a peace mission into the jungle to speak with the reclusive Leopardmen. Reeshaka was to escort the diplomat Khatib Makar'ram and five others (including a guide and a magic user). Once in the jungle, the mission was attacked at night by Demons. Reeshaka fought them fiercely, but was ultimately captured and taken to the Lost City. All the other members of the mission save Khatib were killed. The demons framed the attack on the Leopardmen, hoping to bring about a full scale war.

Her uncle Rajah sah Tarna, the King of Tarna, is extremely fond of her. Normally uninterested in the affairs of humans, he is want to wage war against the Leopardmen to avenge her death.

Reeshaka is discovered, alive but injured, by the Hero when he reaches the Lost City. A demon possesses her, as it hopes to prompt the Hero to kill her (or be slain should he refuse to fight). The Hero expels the demon, whether by exorcising it via a dispel potion or else through neutralizing Reeshaka in combat; in either case, Reeshaka is gravely injured by the effort. Fortunately, her father arrives mere moments later and uses his Paladin abilities to heal her. She then agrees to fight at the Hero's side against the demons (along with Manu, Yesufu, and Johari, fulfilling part of a prophecy that leads to the ultimate defeat of the otherworldly enemy and the prevention of war.