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Quest For Orgy: So You Thought She is a Virgin?!?[1] (aka King's Quest for Orgy[2] ) is a one room parody mini-game by the fan team calling themselves: Xierra.[3]

Part of a series of parodies (which only three "games" were ever completed).


Rosella has to visit a town to buy some new clothes. [4]

After the advent of Quest for Glory 4 1/2: So You Thought You Were a Hero? now a whole wave of mocking works on a given topic has formed. Starting with the tiny Quest for Orgy: So you thought she is a virgin?!? , where you just had to click the mouse once...

In the game you play as Rosella (unofficial), who enters a town in order to buy the Emperor's New Clothes, and leaves naked. She is then accosted by the Hero (unofficial) from Quest for Glory 4 ½: So You Thought You Were a Hero?. The joke game then ends.

Behind the scenes[]

This series is difficult to find on the internet, and probably for good reason? Apparently one of these games similar to Larry games in style.[5]

Xierra games received a Cease and Desist from Sierra Entertainment then owned by Vivendi, and all their games were forced to be removed. Making this series extremely rare.[6]

This was followed by Quest for Orgy: Sodom, Graham and Gomorrha, and the full-fledged game Quest for Orgy I: So You Want to be a Porn Star[7] and (both of which are supposedly out on the internet).[8]

These were to be followed by Quest For Orgy: Sex Slaves of Shapeir and Quest For Orgy III: Castle of Dr. Pain which had been planned but not developed.[9]

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