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Quest for Glory ZZT is a Quest for Glory fan game created by Hydra and MeBo of Interactive Fantasies on August 18, 1998. It is based on the original Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero.



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Jago Daforgo has come to the village of Spielburg to search for one thing: glory. He soon notices this valley can use some help. The Baron's son and daughter are both lost. He finds them, and deal with the dangerous brigands which have begun to roam the forests lately.

Behind the Scenes[]

The first part of the game game has a menu accessed by typing Shift-? then typing "+menu". This menu gives access to a "look around" option describing the room, plus access to inventory items. This menu is only mentioned if you read instructions at the beginning of the game and is easy to overlook. It is required to solve several of the puzzles. The menu is removed in part 2.

The password for the second part of the game is; HHASHCZEYXKZJ.

The potential highscore is about 434 points in the first part.

Answers for the Quiz for part 2; 1: Space, 2: Tim, 3: PCS, 4: No, 5: Pong, 6: Nivek, 7: ZIG, 8: HM, 9:  Koopo, 10: Ruins.

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