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Quest Fighter is a fan made Sierra On-Line game created and released by Mortal Wombat on April 1, 2006 for Windows. The game was later followed by the sequel Quest Fighter II a year later.


Get rrready to rrrumble! In the style of Celebrity Deathmatch, the heroes of classical Quest games duke it out to decide once and for all which of them is the best and greatest! Will Graham's royal rage lead him to victory over Larry's cheap wine? Can Roger's plasma shield save the day? Or will agent Bonds simply arrest the lot of them? You can make the difference! Download now... if you dare!


  • King Graham
  • Roger Wilco
  • Sonny Bonds
  • Larry Laffer
  • Devon Aidendale (final boss)[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

The main menu only gives access to the first four characters. Devon is the boss of the game, and an unlockable character.[2] Devon is unlocked by uusing this code; URDLURDL+enter from the character selection.

Nominated, Best Non Adventure Game Created with AGS 2006

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