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Early concepts[]

The ideas for QFG5 (or QFG4 as it was originally going to be before QFG3 was added to the series) were to be a bit different than what finally made (after years of series cancelation in 1994). QFG4 Hintbook for example comments that heros would probably find a chance to become a Paladin in QFG5, since there was no one who could make a paladin in QFG4. But this idea was forgotten and removed in the final QFG5 design.

By the way, there isn't anyone in Mordavia to declare you a Paladin, but you are being watched. Should you comport yourself honorably in Mordavia, perhaps something interesting will happen when you reach Silmaria. Be sure to save your character at the end of the game.

King's Crown and Hero's Crown[]

The original Quest For Glory IV (when it was a four games instead of five) was to be known as Quest For Glory IV: King's Crown.[1] Later, QFG5: Hero's Crown. The ideas for the game were later incorporated into Dragon Fire.

According to Corey Cole:

Ah, if only it were that easy to develop an adventure game. We would, in fact, have had time to complete Quest for Glory V: Hero's Crown in 1995 or 1996 had not Sierra broken our 3-game contract - "fired" us, in effect - a few months after Quest for Glory IV. Sierra also laid off about 1/3 of the company that day; it wasn't just us.
Instead, we made Shannara for Legend Entertainment, Passport2 Bridge for a major publisher (later picked up by Legacy Software, no relation to Legend), and part of a god game for Accolade before I was caught in a major layoff there.
I found exactly two references to the name "Hero's Crown" on my hard disk. One is a response from Lori to a fan email in 1994:
The current working title of QG5 is "Hero's Crown," but nothing is settled yet.
For QG5, set in Silmaria (which is similar to Greece), we are reading books about Greece and about leadership, since the theme of the game is to become a great leader.  We watch movies like "Zorba the Greek," listen to Greek music, and eat Greek food.  Then we have a lot of arguements about what is going to happen and a lot of brainstorming about what can happen. 
For QG5, we want the player to meet a lot of his old friends from other games.  After all, this is the last game in the series, and we want it to be the most memorable.  Since the games all tie closely together, we had to figure out which characters to bring back for the Hero's greatest Triumph.

The other (timestamped 1996) is a list of design documents we needed to write for Quest for Glory V. The reason that I have no other files with the words "Hero's Crown" in them is that we settled on the name "Dragon Fire" and used that instead.
Note: The following is the entire file. All of the details went into the specific documents, all of which are labelled "Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire". There are 104 of those files in my work-at-home backup folder.

Design Documents for Quest for Glory V: Hero's Crown[]

Room Number List Actors Plot Puzzle Breakdown/Analysis Puzzle Point System Puzzle Bars Spells/Improvement Skill Use/Improvement Honor Points/Paladin Skills Monsters Combat Encounters Combat Eating/Drinking/Sleeping/Resting/Stamina Inventory Handling Inventory Items Character Creation/Character Sheet Importing/Exporting Status Line/Menus Thief Skills -- Making Thief Sign/Picking Locks/Disarming Traps/Stealth/Pickpocket Conversation/Teller Trees/Talkers Event Handling/Use of Defaults Programmer's Room Spec Notes -- How to Read/Program our Specs Message File Conventions -- Making Sure All Messages are Programmed

That's it - You've now seen every reference to Hero's Crown that exists in our archives. Any others were simply retitled to Dragon Fire and used in the game released in 1998.

Cancelation and Petition[]

Due to changes in Sierra On-Line and its move to Bellavue, Washington in 1994. It was decided that Quest For Glory IV would be the last game in the series. Thus last game in the series was cancelled in 1994. However after a letter campaign Ken Williams finally agreed to allow the game to go into production and even gave it higher budget than all previous games in the series.[2][3]


Sneak Peek Demo[]

The Sneak Peek demo showed represented an early version of the game's engine. Thus it includes several differences from the early game. The main menu offered four options including Single Player, Multiplayer, Preview Tour and Quit.

The single player allowed the choice of five characters including three classes, and Elsa and Magnum. The mode included a limited access to the city of Silmaria including the front gates, town square, the beach, swimming in the ocean from the pier, the thief's guild, knob hill, etc. A few characters including Arestes, Sarra, Marrak, Wolfie, and the Weaponer could be interacted with but only so much as cycling through a series of preset comments. A number of weapons were left in various screens which could be picked up. But there is no way to equip them, and they can only be dropped or removed from the quick menu. Of note is that the magic bow can be picked up and looked at in the inventory. Beyond that there are a few town guards that attack as soon as they see the player character. These areas can cycle into night or day over time.

The multiplayer mode functions similar to single player except NPCs are not to be found. The little mini game allows for a kind of limited death match.

In both modes the screen is divided into four icons one ach corner, but the quick menu on the bottom, and playscreen in the middle surrounded by a frame. One icon brings up the map, one brings up the inventory and spell screens. Another brings up options for quiting the game, credits, controls. In the multiplayer it also has option for messages to other players, and score. The last icon cycles through interact, eye and an additional combat/fighting icon (which was cut from the final game).

The game play differs from the final game in that most of the control is done by keyboard with exception of a few bits of interacting such as picking up dropped weapons, clicking on menus, and looking at things. The control screen also shows a list of moves that do not function in the demo but were cut from the final game, or function differently. Including the ability to jump and sidestepping.

The animation in the demo is different than in the final game. Utilizing voxel system rather than the textured 3D of the final game.

The third option the preview tour allows the user to look at some of the scrolling screens that would be used in the final game, scroll back and forth through them. It also plays the background soundtrack (CD-Audio) music related to each area.

Also of note is the demo has a handful of original puns that are demo specific and do not appear in the finished game.

King of Silmaria and Punny Bones Expansion CD and Mission Packs[]

During the development of QFG5, it was decided to remove the character of Punny Bones from the game. In QFG4 he mentions that he was heading to Silmaria ahead of the player. But due to fan complaints and seeming dislike for the character Lori Cole decided to cut the character from the game. It was one of her favorite characters and she was saddened to have to remove the character.

After the announcement, and following a Punny Bones fan club and petition, she decided that she would have plans to reincorporate Punny Bones into an expansion CD for the game, along with some other material she wanted to add, as well as new quests and storyline set in Silmaria set after end of game when the Hero had become the Hero of Silmaria (or turned it down). It would have expanded acknowledged and expanded on the King's choice of marriage. In the released game Gnome Ann mentions that Punny Bones had worked for her for a few weeks after leaving Mordavia, and left shortly before the hero arrived. She hopes after you improved the place, and brought in tourists that he would return to work there.[4]

Apparently the first expansion to QG5 would have involved pirates. It was also supposed to have ship to ship battles.[5] It might also been multi-player as QG5 was originally supposed to have a multi-player mode.[6] The co-op mode also was to have a feature to rob the bank together.

The Coles even thought about making their own company to make the Mission Packs for Sierra, but couldn't figure a way to make it profitable.[7][8]

Unfortunately, as QFG5 was not a huge success, and with Sierra closing its doors. All plans for the expansion CD were cancelled.

Co-op/Multiplayer mode add-on[]

The Multiplayer Mode would allow for a randomized game that adapted to the player. Every time you played the game with someone new, you would have a different experience. The game would be different every time no matter who you played with or how you connected to another, Elsa, Thief, Magnum, and Magic U In Sneak Peek demo there were several modes to connect computers including, TCP/IP, IPX, Modem, and Serial connections. It allowed for up to four players with the choices of Fighter, Elsa, Thief, Magnum, and Magic User (Paladin was not included in the demo). In the multiplayer version of Dragon Fire, the player would have been able to also choose between three (or four) classes, and Elsa or Magnum as well. The latter were specialized characters that rival the Hero in skill and experience.

Elsa von Spielburg was to be a characters, with a convenient mix of Fighter and Thief skills, and was also the character who could use a bow. Elsa knew the hero from long ago, when he rescued her form the curse of the ogress, but he would not expect much gratitude from her: SHe would use every tactic at her command to beat the Hero in all seven rites and win the throne of Silmaria. She is tough, smart, stunningly pretty, and determined to become king.[9] In the Sneak Peek demo she defaults with sword equipped (For the demo it was a Dragon Slayer Sword).

Magnum Opus, the other non-Hero character was a gladiator of many obvious charms. He was to be a beefed up Fighter with certain intellectual limitations, to get a notion of his skills. He's brawny, battle-trained, healthy as an ox and just as brainy. In a fair fight he could outlast a Fighter of similar experience, and deal a bit more damage in the process. He can skewer a foe with thrown spears, and take a lot of damage as well as give it out. One must not expect him to chew gum while doing it.[10] For the Sneak Peek demo he is default equipped with a throwing spear (not thrown but used as a regular spear) and a general's shield.

For the purpose of the Sneak Peek demo the Fighter was equipped with a Dragon Slayer Sword, and a regular shield, the thief was equipped with a Dragon Slayer Sword, and Magic User was not equipped with any weapon.

When it discovered to be impossible to release QFG5 on time, with a complete MP component they decided to hold off and offer the Multiplayer as a future add-on download. However due to Sierra shutting down not long after, the team decided on cancelling the multiplayer add-on.

When Quest for Glory V began development in 1996, the development team envisioned a multiplayer feature that would allow up to three players to compete and collaborate online. Multiplayer was built into early versions of the product, including the Quest for Glory Sneak Peek Demo released in late 1997. As the game moved farther along in development, it became increasingly difficult to ensure that the multiplayer system would be reliable enough to include in the final version. In the last months before the games release late..., Sierra decided to ship Quest for Glory V as a single player adventure. The final box design was revised to represent Quest for Glory V as a single player game. Many people at Sierra, including series creator Lori Cole, had hoped the multiplayer feature would be added later as a free upgrade. With the closure of the Yosemite Entertainment and the resulting loss of the Quest for Glory programming team, the multiplayer expansion plan became impossible. Many inside Sierra are disappointed as we had been looking forward to the multiplayer mode from the project’s beginnings.

Additional speech referring to her appears in the files in the final game for the multiplayer characters (there are may be additional files but here are a few examples). In addition in co-op version it seems that Erasmus didn't get drugged by the scientists, and helps out in the final battle at least helping characters teleport around.

  • Wolfie: "Welcome, Welcome, Elsa of Spielburg. I am Wolfie, a much unrecognized fine artist. It is nice to be seeing you.[11]
  • Wolfie: Greetings, I hope that you are well today, you may call me wolfie if you wish to call me.[12]
  • Pholus: "What do you want, lady? I just sell weapons."[13]
  • Pholus: "Kalemereh, Magnum. Good luck in the rites, I have my bet on you for the next king."[14]
  • Ann Agrama: "Sorry, Sister. But these rooms are all taken."[15]
  • What do you think this is? A restaurant, go fix your own food.[16]
  • You look super, man. Shame I rented out all my rooms. I would love to see more of you.[17]
  • Ann Agrama: "Sorry, this place is reserved for heroes and gnomes."[18]
  • Shakra: Welcome to my shop, Elsa Von Spielburg.[19]
  • Shakra: This is my shop of magic, you are welcome here.[20]
  • Sam: Greetings, fraulein Von Spielburg. Would you like to save some money today?[21]
  • Sam: You have honored this bank with your presence I know. So would you like to honor this bank with some drachmas?[22]
  • Erasmus: What can I do for you, young man?[23]
  • Erasmus: You are looking very well Elsa, I'm happy to see you.[24]
  • Eramsus: Would you like to join your companion now?[25]
  • Erasmus: There you all go, this will not be an easy battle for you. At least you won't have to make any unpleasant sacrifices. Just do what you can, and do your best.[26]
  • Erasmus: Good luck, I hope to see you all after this battle.[27]
  • Erasmus: Congratuations, you have all won. I always enjoy happy endings.[28]
  • Cloud Guardian:"It is a pleasure to greet you, Elsa Von Spielburg."[29]
  • Cloud Guardian: I suppose I have to let you enter, Magnum Opus.[30]
  • Erasmus:"Sorry to interrupt your victory, but Silmaria is in great danger from the dragon that Minos just released. I'll just teleport you over there"[31]
  • Sarra: Welcome woman from the Northlands. How may I aid you?[32]
  • Sarra: Good day to you great warrior, how may help you?[33]
  • Marrak: "My greetings, fair warrior women. What may I sell to you?[34]
  • Marrak: Welcome great warrior, what may I do for you this day?[35]

Character Save File Hacks[]

Here is some fan hacked saves to try out versions of the playable versions of Elsa and Magnum.[2] These apparently were made with the fanmade "Heroes Add-On." mod exe program (no longer available, which was simply an exe that unpacked the saves into QFG folder). The files it contained are available in the link above.

Wizard's Whirl[]

Some kind of magical game with Erasmus and Fenrus.

  • "Fenris and I have just finished a game of Wizard's Whirl."
  • "Erasmus was losing, so he blew up the game."
  • "I just got a little over-enthusiastic, that's all. Now what can I do for you?"
  • "Ah, there you are. I've been warming up the Wizard's Whirl for you."
  • "Would you like to join your companion now?"
  • "Greetings, my friend. It is so nice to see you."
  • "Would you like to play a game of Wizard's Whirl?"
  • "Would you like to observe the activities of your competitors?"
  • "Is there anyone else you wish to observe?"


"Fabulous! Thanks for documenting that. I doubt that we have any of those old files anymore - our backups stayed at Sierra.

Lori was livid about the censorship, as she felt the changes lost Nawar's personality. The lines contained innuendo, but nothing actually obscene, and we saw no reason they should be changed.

I think there were also some changes to Gnome Anne's jokes because the Sierra GM thought they were too bawdy. Again, the changes seemed to us totally unnecessary, and they delayed release of the game. Voice acting and incorporation of changes into the game take time.

By the way, the "coming and going" line was "borrowed" from Blazing Saddles. Lili Von Shtupp: [singing] I've been with thousands of men/again and again/they promise the moon/they're always coming and going and going and coming... and always too soon.

We figured if Mel Brooks could use it in a film, we could certainly use it in a game. The GM disagreed."

--Corey Cole[36]

And in Drago nFire, we had to re-write most of Salim’s lines, because the president thought he was too anachronistic and hippy-dippy, and Nawar’s lines, because they were too salacious, and Gnome Ann’s lines, because they were too silly, and he didn’t want to give reviewers the wrong impression of the game.[37]

Nawar (Demo 212.QGM vs Retail 212.QGM)[]

"You have such a way with words. My ears love the way you tease me with your tongue.."

"Chocolates! I love sokolatak-ya. You are so kind."

"Isn't that just like a man? Always coming and going too soon."

Dead Parrot Inn (Demo 250.QGM vs Retail 250.QGM)[]

"I've always had a thing for wolves."

"I'd be happy to kiss you"

"Are you here to play the game?"

"You have a wicked way with words."

"Seeing you here again makes my evening."

"Budar and Ferrari deserve one another."

"You like the way I dress?"

"This is the Wheel of Fortune. Just show me your money."

"Round and round the wheel will go."

"I've been waiting for a guy like you to come into my life."


QFG5 original 1998 release (excluding patches) has a reference to Danesmark.

QFG5 patched and GOG release has a reference to Finelandia.

It is not clear if there are any other script changes between versions (other than grammar tweaks). Both lines can be found in the files of at least one version of the game.

In some places during the game "Fenris" name title is listed as "Feyhnrus" (though the latter might be the name of the clone Fenris 421).

Special TXT[]

From 'special.txt' from the QFG5 CD:


Many of you have been with us since the mist-drenched days of Hero's Quest.

Others of you joined us along the way, in Raseir, Fricana, and Mordavia.

You deluged Sierra with petitions after the series was canceled.

This game was made solely because you demanded it.

Well, this is it.  Your long wait is finally over.

This is the final episode of Quest for Glory.

We'd like you to plan to finish Quest for Glory 5 on your own, without any hints.

It might be frustrating but just savor the game.  It'll be over sooner than you wish.

Don't let anyone spoil things for you.

Once you finish, you'll have wonderful memories of the journey.

We'll miss you...

Thanks for everything.

Lori, Corey, and the QFG5 Team

Version Changes[]

Version 1.1[]

IV. QFG5 VERSION 1.1 DETAILS and fixes

The following changes have been made to this version of Quest for Glory 5:

· You can enter the Dragon Blood Pool multiple times.

· We allow for larger import saves to be imported to the game.

· You can cut and burn the Hydra by yourself.

· We display a warning of the importance of installing QuickTime to prevent movie playback errors due to incomplete Quicktime installation.

· You can throw forcebolts in the Pegasus Nest.

· You are able to knock on the door inside the Adventurer's Guild without the snoring sound being persistent.

· You are able to drop inventory items only once.

· You can exit the West Gate Entrance using the Open Spell.

· If you have a balloon and you choose to restart the game, the balloon will not remain on the map.

- You are able to ask Erana to heal anyone at the Dragon Blood Pool.

· You are able to enter the water from coastal combat rooms.

· You are now able to load AutoSave multiple times without save game corruption.

· Improved save/restore functionality.

· You cannot exit the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School while FA is talking.

· You are unable to manually load/launch the game with AutoPlay up thereby improving game start functionality.

· You are able to click on the magic statue or use the sheet on the magic statue on the ledge in Minos' Treasure room.

· Improved logic and memory handling considerably reduces chance of random errors due to unexpected system configurations.

· Room transition improved when exiting the West Gate to the Map to prevent timing issues in this area.

· You are able to make the ring of truth and use it to incriminate Minos in the Hall of Kings.

· You are able to exit the Cloud Entrance using the arrow keys.

· Abdull now attacks Hero in Ferrari's House.

· You are able to get a grapnel from the thieves' guild if you do not get it from Rakeesh in Nob Hill.

· When you see Ugarte hit by the assassin and tell the guards in Town Square, you will be taken to the Hall of Kings.

· You are able to pick up rocks in the Pegasus Nest to use on the teeterboard.

· You are able to properly combine items in inventory when there are multiple items.

· You can use the mystic magnets while on the balloon.

· You are able to become both King of Silmaria and Chief Thief.

· You are able to bring up an option box when clicking on the dead guard at Hades Entrance.

· You are able to throw spells at the dead guard in the Entrance to Hades.

· Ferrari and Cerberus are now correctly spelled in the credits.

· The message 'Used Fire Proofing Oil at the Dragon Blood Pool' is added to the "Deeds Done" list when the oil is used in the Dragon Blood Pool.

· You will get many potions when opening the alcove that Elsa points out.

· You will be chased and killed by the town guards after killing Nawar with fireballs on the exterior balcony of the Dead Parrot Inn.

· You will see Elsa fighting Gort, in the Area, on day 17, if Kokeeno is dead.

· When you click on the bulletin board in the Adventurer's guild it brings up a close up of the bulletin board. If you double click on the bulletin board it will bring up the close up and then bring up the message in the area the double click was done in, 'Wanted Help'.

· When you get the blackbird, it shows up in the "Deeds Done" list.

· You are able to purchase only one Hera's ring.

· You get points when offering to sacrifice himself.

· You are able to purchase the Dragon Slayer Sword for 10,000 drachmas, the Ice Diamond Sword for 8,000 drachmas and the Wurmbane Spear for 6,000 drachmas.

· You able to place bets up to 6pm on the day of a fight.

· When looking at Nawar the game says "her harem dress fits her well".

· You are able to use the open and trigger spells in Minos' Treasure room.

· You will get a generic message when looking at the wall where Icarus wings once were.

· You can read how to use the white hand cursor under the Control Panel, Manual, White Hand cursor.

Version 1.2[]

V. QFG5 Version 1.2 issues.

- Fixes the dead bodies laying around in the arena. If you saved a game with dead bodies, the patch can't remove those. This only keeps it from happening again.



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