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This page concerns the development of Quest for Glory III: Wages of War.


Due to lack of a dedicated inhouse artwork team, some of the artwork was tasked out to Korea company to do the artwork. The artwork was then edited or painted over back at Sierra to make sure everything was right.

Changes and cuts[]

An early screenshot on the back of the box showed combat with a Croc. In this ver

Early version of combat with a Croc, from game box back

sion, the Croc had visible legs, of which not all the sprites were aligned correctly (perhaps the reason for their removal). Also, the text of the status bar displays was gold on a gold background. It was later changed to purple on gold for the final game.

For a time the game was going to be renamed due to copyright issues.

There is an unused closeup portrait for possessed Reeshaka. As well as dialogue that could be initiated with her.


We had a similar issue with the Producer of Quest for Glory III. Lori wrote the story as a tough look at intolerance and racial prejudice, but some of the nuance was lost due to the Producer insisting on making the game "politically correct."

For example, she insisted that we could not use the word "native" in a game set in the African jungles. We were using it to show the prejudice of the city people against those who lived in villages. I felt the change was ok for the occasional edit, but then discovered the producer had used global search and replace. This resulted in such brilliant pieces of text as "the indigenous flora and fauna" (originally written as "the native flora and fauna"). Mind you, using words like flora and fauna was our fault, but still... You can't globally edit text without ending up with some embarrassingly unreadable lines."-Corey Cole

In the final game it's worth noting that "native" was fixed in the script. Indigenous is not used, and 'native' only used around three times to refer to the cultures outside of Tarna, once when talking about clothing styles and the other when talking about food, and when pointing out that demons are not natives to the world. Native appears around nine times total. Indigenous is not appear at all.

However out a point of of trivia 'indigenous flora and fauna" isn't technically 'inaccurate' and is a term that is often used as medical term for example "indigenous flora" of bacteria that makes up the body, and is also the name of an organization in Australia ("Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association").[1]