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This article or section contains information related to Hero-U by Transolar Games. This information may not reflect official Quest for Glory universe as originally portrayed in material published by Sierra On-line or Activision.

Paladin swords are the preferred weapons of paladins (though some may use other kinds of weapons as well).


With their WILL they are capable of energizing the weapons with fire or lightning/electricity.[1] The color of the energy depends on the virtues that the Paladin is projecting into his weapon. Not any old weapon can be used project power, and paladin weapons are usually useless in the hands of non-Paladins (unless another Paladin wills the flames or energy into them from a distance).

Most Paladin swords start out as ordinary weapons. It is through the power of the Paladin's inner strength, his beliefs, and his (or her) use in the righteous cause that transforms the weapon into something so much more. They are reforged by the fires of faith.

Behind the scenes[]

Corey Cole has said that sword colors will be explained in the 4th Hero-U game, and that it may have to do with paladin's stance/form, that they can wield different flames depending on the situation. Each bestowing different benefits but also having different weaknesses.

There might be something like that in Hero-U. I believe the blue flame is for healing and protection, and the red flame for damage. Against Greater Undead, the blue flame is more appropriate, because avoiding having your life drained is more important that doing a little extra damage.

According to Lori: "..Paladin sword flames come in different colors, not unlike Lightsabers. Compassion is blue, Honor is yellow, and Justice is red. After some discussion she agreed that honor should be blue as stated in QFG3 and compassion red. Which would leave yellow to be justice.

Moira wields yellow-orange flame when battling the wraith with some reddish highlights in the painting.

Rakeesh and Hero wield red/yellow in QFG2, and the blue flames of honor in later games.

While the sword burns red in QFG2, interestingly in the files are graphics depicting it with a blue flame.

Holy/light/healing of the blue flame may be more affective against demon/cursed/undead enemies. While red is also stronger against earth elementals.

Behind the scenes[]

  1. And their weapon is electric