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The Paladin really wants to do the right thing, regardless of the cost.

One Paladin might suffer great angst and remorse when she was unable to save the town from the rampaging dragon because she happened to be in labor with her first daughter at the time, but she’ll get out of bed, press that babe to her breast, and start pulling victims from the wreckage afterwards.

Another Paladin will kiss his one and only true love goodbye at their wedding night dance, then will ride off to negotiate peace between the Dwarves and the Elves. If there is a good deed that needs doing, you can always count on the Paladin to answer the call.


Paladins have existed for a long time. It is not known what the first paladin was like. Nor what started the tradition and its ideals. Nor is it known when they first appeared in the world. No one knows who first called them that, since a true paladin simply does what they think is right, and rarely thinks of herself (or himself) as special for it.[1] In the legends, there is a story of one great hero of long ago, named Paladinsama. Some wonder if Paladins named themselves in his honor (thus making him the first Paladin), or if he just chose to live up to his name.

Whether an historical figure is called a Paladin largely depends on their judgement and success. If they choose poorly or fail, history will revile them as villains. See dark paladins.


Paladin Council is an organization which formally acknowledges Paladins and sends them out on missions, they don't "command or control" Paladins. They don't judge, they nudge. Hero-U is at the Sardonian Castle Luminar because the Paladin Council did some behind the scenes nudging to find out what really happened to one of their own - and to make sure it never happens again. At the top of the council is the Paladin Tribunal.

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