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The Poet Omar was an alias of the Sultan Harun Al-Rashid used to interact with his people and others outside the palace.

He has a purse with 6 dinars and 25 centimes; and a scrap of paper saying "Quelling Chaos from Shapeir, Driving Darkness from Raseir"


Poetry of Omar[]

Day 3

In the Month of the Serpent, in the Year of the Djinn,
A shadow passed over the Katta's Tail Inn
Astrologers foretell that Doom shall come to dwell
And Shapeir shall be but sand upon the wind.

Comes a hero from the North, riding on the very air,
And this is sign the first to then beware,
For Darkness soon shall fall and shadow cover all,
The city and the ones now living there.

The first Doom shall be Fire, which shall burn the very stone,
The next is Air, and rocks are overthrown,
Earth shall be the third, then the final Doom is heard,
The Water gone, the city parched like bone.

Unless the one called Hero is a Hero true indeed,
Who comes to help the city in its need,
Then will face the depths of Doom in the darkness of the Tomb,
From the Elemental's Master, we are freed.

Day 7
(seen at the Fountain Plaza, and if the Hero listens the whole poem, he will find the poet's purse)

And they ask, "What is a Hero?",
though the answer's very clear,
He's the one who faces danger
when the darkness hovers near.

He will face the fiercest foe
when another needs his aid,
He will dare to defy Death
event hough he is afraid,
He works not just for glory
and he does it not for gain,
But because he knows that others
will be spared a greater pain.

He won't always follow orders,
for he dares to answer, "Why?",
And unless he likes the reason,
he refuses to comply,
He will brave the battle boldly
even though he may not win,
He will face his fate unflinching,
for he is a Paladin.

And they ask "What is a Hero",
though the answer's evident,
He's the one who faces death
knowing that his life's well spent.

Day 11

Came a Hero drawing near
to our land of fair Shapeir,
The Katta called and carried that one here.
I shall tell an allegory
'bout a Quest for Love and Glory
Which I shall relate if you will lend an ear.

The Hero first faced fire
which was making matters dire,
For the flames he fought were flitting ever higher.
With water first he fought it
and into a lamp he caught it
'Ere our city of Shapeir became our pyre.

The next he faced was Air,
which I'm sure that you're aware,
Was blustering and blowing here and there.
Before the Winds became our bane
as a fearsome hurricane,
With a bellows then he caught it fair and square.

So let us raise a cheer for the Hero of Shapeir,
And remember that our praise is quite sincere,
For in the Quest for Glory as related by this story,
Is a Hero who has saved use from our fear,
Is a Hero who's a Hero without peer!

Day 16
(This evening he rewards the Hero with 100 dinars for defeating the last 2 Elementals)

In the Month of the Serpent
in the Year of the Spear
Darkness passed over the town of Raseir,
And the rumor had been said
that the old Emir was dead,
For Arus al-din had seemed to disappear

The Emir had a brother,
who quickly took the throne
but the Shadow lurking under soon was known
For the Katta were exiled,
and Rasir was then defiled,
By the rules and regulation that were shown

The Sultan sent his men to restore Raseir to right
But they did not even have a chance to fight,
For as they crossed the land,
a tremendous storm of sand,
Forced his forces to retreat from their plight.

The moral of this story as the best of tales must tell
Of the horrors of the orders that befell,
Is the simple corollary that the Hero must be wary,
'Ere He journeys to that Shadow's Citadel,
And we bid him luck and wish him to fare well

So now the rumour's told of the city of Raseir,
That the Darkness shadows everything in fear
And He that now does rule has the Emir as his tool,
Disobedience brings punishment severe.


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