The Mushroom Ring is a point of interest in Spielburg Valley during the day time. It is featured in Quest for Glory I. At night it becomes known as the Fairy Ring (aka Faery Ring in HQ/QFG1EGA).


This area is in the western portion of the forest, and is found southwest of the town Graveyard.

The area is a slightly more lush and verdant part of the forest and its most notable feature is a ring of large, brightly-colored mushrooms. In the VGA version, there are also standing stones that form part of the ring.

At night, the local Fairies will gather at the mushroom ring to dance.

In-Game InteractionsEdit

During the day, the Hero can pick Magic Mushrooms from this ring and give them to the Healer for one gold per handful.

At night, the Hero can find the Fairies dancing among the mushrooms. If he dances along with the Fairies, he can ask them for Fairy Dust, which is an ingredient for the Dispel Potion.


  • Refusing to dance or entering the mushroom ring at night will anger the Fairies, who will command the Hero to dance until his death.
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