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Moira Glenshannon is Hero-U's Paladin instructor and healer.


She grew up in Glenshannon, Eire, running an inn and served many a hungry customer a loaf of tasty soda bread.[1]

Later in her life, she met Falcon (one of the four heroes who saved Silmaria from the Dragon of Doom), who saw the potential in Moira, and declared her a paladin, though she had never held a sword before. He began to trainer her. At some point they were accosted by Bogies both fought them off. Surrounded by their bodies Falcon. They were ambushed by an Banshee, and Falcon collapsed due to his injuries. Moira took up his sword as best she could, wielding it, and keeping the spirit at bay until the morning.

Moira had fallen in love with Falcon, but the hero had already found his true love in Erana.

Some time after this, she moved to Sardonia to work at the university. She has a deep love for the land she once called home. Alas, duty called her away to serve and preserve life on the shores of a very different island. In the spring of the year, she often thinks back about what her life would be if she had stayed in Eire. As dear to her heart as Eire may be, she knows she made the right choice to be a part of the Hero University.

The School For Heroes[]


Personality and traits[]

She wields a orange-yellow flames when she wields a paladin sword (with perhaps some elements of red).

Titles and nicknames[]

  • Moira of Glenshannon
  • Hero of Eire
  • Maiden of Mercy and Medicine

Behind the scenes[]

In the previous concept for Moira she was the head of the Paladins of the Famous Adventurer's School For Heros and the Order of Paladin Knights in Silmaria. But these locations were changed to avoid any copyright issues and confusion with Quest for Glory.