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Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements is a Quest for Glory inspired adventure/RPG developed and published by Himalaya Studios (formally known as AGD Interactive) in January 30, 2019 for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. The game was made using the Adventure Game Studio engine.


D'arc is a sixteen-year-old Mage to be. A sinister plot threatens his initiation and risks plunging the land of Iginor into conflict and chaos. Choose from four classes and train in the Elemental arts. Master a unique range of spells to solve puzzles, battle monsters, and confront the ultimate evil. D'arc's moment of reckoning arrives and his Masters put him to the test. The young Initiate is tasked with retrieving three items, which will test his magical and mental strength to full capacity:

  • A lock of hair from a powerful Enchantress.
  • The unspoiled shell of Griffon's egg.
  • The three-pronged horn of the legendary Trinicorn.

Join D'arc on a perilous journey across the medieval-styled land of Iginor. Brave the perilous Bloodbark forest where the Redcap goblins stalk. Trek across a barren desert wasteland rife with lawless Bandits and fierce Burrowers. Navigate over a vast lake where evil masquerades as beauty. And ascend beyond the lofty mountain peaks where the mysterious and hostile Flyterians dwell, suspicious of all outsiders. It is time for D'arc to prove himself.

Three quests. One chance. Will D'arc succeed and take his place among his fellow Mages?


  • A uniquely-crafted RPG/Adventure game.
  • Gain new spells as your character improves. No stat grinding!
  • Replay as one of four Mage classes (Water, Air, Fire, and Earth), each with unique spells, puzzles, and solutions.
  • Beautifully detailed pixel-art character animations.
  • Over 30 detailed character portraits. Over 9,000 voiced and lip-synced speech lines.
  • A complete digital music soundtrack, brimming with magic and mystery.
  • Battle against a horrid horde of monsters or avoid combat and focus on adventure.
  • Multiple story paths, depending on your in-game choices.
  • More than 50 magical gemstones to enhance your magical power.


  • Mage Initiation takes place in a post apocalyptic Earth (similar to the Shanarra series). Where everything of the past was destroyed, and ancient technology was destroyed.
  • There are some references to King's Quest, but its not likely that the games series will tie into the whole "Father" stuff from that series. Although there are some similarities to thed Mages in the series, and those of the First Mages in AGDI KQ games, with the powers they wield. First Mages in KQ games were implied to be aliens from outer space. All similarities are probably coincidental though same teams worked on both games.


Staff Roll[]

  • Written by: Daniel Stacey
  • Executive Producers by: Christopher T. Warren, Rachel Presser
  • Associate Producers by: Matt Katinas, David J. Lane, Tyler Steigel
  • Game Design by: Daniel Stacey, Christopher T. Warren
  • Lead Artist by: John-Paul Selwood
  • Lead Animator & Character Design by: Shane Stevens
  • Lead Assistant Animator by: Jeremy Kitchen
  • Original Soundtrack by: Brandon Blume
  • 2D Animated Cutscenes by: Jessica Beebe
  • Animated Character Portraits by: Karen Petrasko
  • Artists by: Britney K. Brimhall, Michael Freeman, Jeremy Kitchen, Emily Selwood
  • Animators by: Carlos Hoyos Barceló, Johan Botes, Britney K. Brimhall, John-Paul Selwood, David Robert Smith, Christopher T. Warren
  • RPG Systems Programming by: Jason Mearls
  • Combat System & Engine by: Morgan Busch
  • Additional Combat Coding by: James Spanos
  • Programming by: Jason Mearls, James Spanos, Stijn van Empel, Christopher T. Warren
  • Slithpurr Monster Concept by: Peter Swaghoven
  • Mortuai's Serpent Spell Concept by: David Melanson
  • Wave Spell Concept by: Douglas Baxter
  • Brand & Logo Design by: Eriq Chang
  • PR by: Emily Morganti
  • AGS Engine by: Chris Jones, Various contributors
  • Lip-syncing by: Christopher T. Warren, Nutchanart Kaewthong
  • Documentation Writer by: Daniel Stacey
  • Steam Integration by: Michael Rittenhouse
  • Mac & Linux Ports by: Tiny Red Studio


  • D'arc by: Kenny K
  • Bort by: Kurtis Clay
  • Varner by: Adam McLaughlin
  • Shareen by: Sara Blane
  • Jonis by: Jacob McCrary
  • Earth Master Gurdet by: John Bell
  • Air Master Aranea by: Vijayalakshmi Anandan
  • Water Master Estreem by: Diana Gardiner
  • Fire Master Pyraze by: Sam A. Mowry
  • Masked Mage by: Adam McLaughlin
  • Priestess Amun-Cul by: Kira Buckland
  • Kray by: Joey Martin
  • Si Long the Trinket Merchant by: Edwyn Tiong
  • Rolam the Baker by: Isaac Lundgren
  • Taben the Butcher by: Danny McArthur
  • Cerys the Fruit Seller by: Melissa Sternenberg
  • Blacksmith by: Christopher T. Warren
  • Fend by: Stewart Crowcombe
  • Pug by: Malcolm Ryker
  • Boyd the Bartender by: Edwyn Tiong
  • Eagles by: Brian Doe, Isaac Lundgren
  • Chief Hawkain by: John Bell
  • Falc by: Edwyn Tiong
  • Parlah by: Melissa Sternenberg
  • Condur by: Adam McLaughlin
  • Sparron by: Diana Gardiner
  • Four-Fanged Fistfish by: Brian Doe
  • Sir Hamfed by: John Bell
  • Molt by: Brian Doe
  • The Moss Man by: Adam McLaughlin
  • Ruffian by: Edwyn Tiong
  • Lord McGyle by: John Bell
  • Brashem by: Bob Noble
  • Strof the Redcap Goblin Leader by: Danny McArthur
  • Sniveler by: Christopher T. Warren
  • Marlosh the Greencap Goblin Leader by: Sara Blane
  • Slagg the Demon by: Danny McArthur
  • Screaming Sap Tree by: Edwyn Tiong
  • Frog by: Brian Doe
  • Rabbit by: Brian Doe
  • Squirrel by: Brian Doe
  • Woodpecker by: Isaac Lundgren
  • Cave Wraiths by: Christopher T. Warren
  • Marcel by: Isaac Lundgren
  • Fire Wraith by: Isaac Lundgren
  • Sphere of Knowledge by: Melissa Sternenberg

Beta Testers[]

  • Beta Testers by: Ariane, Brandon Warren, C. Griffin, Carlos Hoyos Barceló, Christania, David L. Gilbert, Doug Baxter (Big D), Edwyn Tiong (Omahdon), Ido Gordin, Ignacio Ferreyra, Jack Hepburn Raine, Johnny Shih (Zypher), Jonah Hardenbergh, Luke Jensen-Cross, Matthew Daubenspeck (Matolis), Pascal Welsing (k0SH), Joe Rundin (aka Rundinj), Ryan Gustafson (GrandMasterJR), Sameer Kale, Sarah Angelini, Serena Nelson (Intendant S), Stefan Neudorfer

AGS Modules[]

  • Credits by: Andrew MacCormack
  • Lake by: Steve McCrea
  • Particle System Manager by: Miguel García Díaz
  • Pixel-Perfect Collision by: Andrew MacCormack
  • Smooth Scroll Inv by: Andrew MacCormack
  • Smooth Scrolling & Parallax by: Alasdair Beckett-King
  • Tween by: Edmundo Ruiz, Tzach Shabtay

Special Thanks[]

  • Special Thanks by: Sean Nichols, CrimsonWizard, David L. Gilbert, Benjamin Penney, All the Kickstarter & PayPal backers who made this game possible!

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