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The Little Old Lady's House (aka LOL House) is where the Little Old Lady lives. It is a location in the Town of Spielburg. It is a potential target for a Thief to rob. It is featured in Quest for Glory I.


This house is a private residence at the west end of Main Street. It is a two-floor residence with a porch out in front, situated between the Adventurer's Guild and the Magic Shop.

Inside the house is a modest living room with a fireplace, coffee table, and couch. A staircase leads to a bedroom on the second floor. At the bottom of the staircase is a covered birdcage. The house is stuffy and smells of lavender.


In-Game Interactions[]

Only those with Lockpicking skills can interact with this house, as it is one of the two houses in the game that can be robbed. The lock to the house is relatively easy to pick.

Inside, the Hero can find money and valuables in the following locations:

Both the pearls and the candlesticks can be fenced at the Thieves' Guild if the Hero has a license.

The Little Old Lady's cat, "Kitty", paces around the living room while the Hero is inside, but will not normally bother the Hero. The Hero can pet the cat or give it food.

If the Hero attempts to lift the covered cage, the bird will squawk. The Little Old Lady will yell down from the bedroom, admonishing the cat for playing with the bird.

If the Hero doesn't sneak while in the house, attempts to go upstairs, or attempts to harm the cat, the Little Old Lady may or may not wake up, and "Kitty" will transform into a large panther and pin the Hero to the ground until the Sheriff arrives. This is a game over.


  • Once the Hero robs both houses in the neighborhood, the residents will bar the doors, preventing the Hero from re-entering.
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