The Katta (قطة) are the cat people. They are cousins of the Liontaurs, and descended from from cats.[1] They are a desert-dwelling race of small, catlike humanoids native to Shapeir Desert. According to Harik Attar, they are very similar to humans in physiology. They can endure the heat of summer and strongly dislike cold, damp climates (no Kattas are seen in Mordavia). They also dislike water. According to Rakeesh, Kattas are shrewd and see and know much.

They are skilled artisans and many of their works have a natural subtle magic, such as the Hero Sapphire Pin which is only visible to friends of the Katta.

They originally came from Raseir, and were befriended by the Emir Arus Al-din but they were exiled after the coup of Khaveen. They sought refuge to the nearby city of Shapeir. Two Katta, Shameen and Shema, went to the North seeking a Hero who would restore their status.

They appear in every game except for Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness.


Kattas are named after concepts in their language:

Notable KattaEdit

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  1. Kalb (QFG3): "fuzzy, furry, feline decendent of a cat..."