Karl is the gatekeeper and sentry at the castle of Baron Stefan von Spielburg in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to Be a Hero.


Karl was quite talkative, and could tell the Hero a number of things about the valley of Spielburg and its history. In particular, the man could relate the tale of Baron Stefan's curse, which had resulted from the ruler's attempts to banish the ogress Baba Yaga. Having been present during the various calamities which had befallen Stefan following this hex, Karl could speak in detail as to the strange death of the Captain of the Baronial guard, as well as the disappearances of Barnard and Elsa von Spielburg. He would also speak as to the rewards offered for the two nobles safe return.

In addition to these insights, Karl could also perform the simple service of opening the castle gate on the Hero's behalf - although he could do so only during the day whilst he was on duty. At night, the gates would remain shut, and the Hero could only enter and leave the castle by taking it upon himself to climb its walls.


Behind the scenesEdit


In the EGA version, these are the topics that the character can be asked about: castle, valley, baron, baron's son, baron's daughter, baroness, yorick the jester, brigands, guards, name, baba yaga, curse, graveyard, protection, work, stable, weapons master, treasure, monsters, reward, brigand leader, warlock, hero, gate