is a canine humanoid meat merchant in the bazaar of Tarna.


He is descended from the pharoah dogs which Janna Jamil's people used to breed before the Change. He is extremely fond of the Hero, often to the comedic expense of his own dignity.

Kalb is the only merchant to take pity on Harami; although he is forbidden from speaking to the Honorless One, he leaves some meat behind at night when he closes his stand. Janna Jamil recommends the Hero to buy from him. She mentions that he is very helpful, and that she buys all the meats for the Welcome Inn from him.

Apparently Kalb is not very bright, because when bargaining with him - the Hero may reduce the meat price to one common, and he will gladly agree, unlike the other merchants.

He sources food from all over the world (including as far away as Vespuciland and Australia) indicated by some of his meats including platypus, bandicoot, tapir, sloth, and loon.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although a human canine, he is not of the same race as the Canines nor the Jackalmen, but another race of dog-like humanoids decended from pharoah dogs. He resembles the Jackalmen somewhat.

He refers to himself as the "dog of Tarna" and a "mongrel".

He is described by the narrator as a 'canine', however this is lower case rather than proper race name.

Spend enough time talking to Kalb, and one of his rumors is to advertise Sierra On-Line's hintline.

His name means "dog" in Arabic.