Julanar was first mentioned in the second game, Trial by Fire. Julanar's story is told if the hero asks it of the sorceress Aziza.


In a culture where women were treated as property, Julanar was an independent soul who defied tradition and became a healer. She was tricked by a brigand into traveling out of her home city to heal his stricken brother, and was taken prisoner. She managed to escape and was persued; hearing her cries for help, a nearby Djinn turned her into a tree. The hero helps Julanar regain fragments of her humanity throughout the quest, and in return she gifts him with the magical Fruit of Compassion. However, true love is the only thing that can bring her back to life.

In the third game, Wages of War, the hero meets an apothecary named Salim Nafs who has had dreams about Julanar. The hero tells Salim about his experiences helping her, and Salim vows to travel to Shapeir and find his fantasy woman. For setting them up, Salim gives the hero several Dispel Potions free of charge, once he collects the components.

In Dragon Fire, the hero meets Salim again, operating Silmaria's apothecary with the assistance of Julanar, who is now his wife. She is extremely grateful for the Hero's help in restoring her spirit and heals him whenever he enters their shop while wounded.

When Erasmus and Shakra Sah Tarna fall ill with a sleeping sickness, Julanar asks the hero to be aware of any samples of the poison, so that she can take a look at them. When Erasmus falls ill, Julanar will give the hero magical flower seeds to cheer him up.

She is looking for an apprentice healer, and will take in Andre if the Hero tells her about him.



Behind the scenesEdit

Julanar means "flower of the pomegranate" in Arabic.