Johari is a woman of the Leopardman tribe, the daughter of its chief. Like all her people, she is human, but possesses the ability to shapeshift into a leopard-like humanoid through a powerful magical ritual. She appears in Quest for Glory III: Wages of War.


The hero meets her when she is captured by the Simbani. After revealing her human form with a dispel potion, he "buys" her from the Laibon as a bride and presents her with gifts to win her trust. He freed her from the cage, and she immediately ran away, although she follows the Hero through the jungle and questions his motives and intentions. She does not accept him as a husband, as it is not her people's custom to buy and sell brides, but she does agree to lead him to her village.

If the hero uses magic, she will teach him the Lightning Ball spell.

Johari has an often fiery and outspoken personality. She is a proud, intelligent woman who is very indignant over her capture and makes up for it by verbally berating the Hero and the "cow people", but eventually begins to trust the Hero when she realizes his peaceful intentions. She is one of the four friends who aid the hero in defeating the Demon Wizard in the Lost City. With the destruction of the world gate, caught in the spirit of celebration, the leopardwomen accepted Yesufu's proposal of marriage, much to the surprise of the Simbani warrior.

In Quest for Glory V, Rakeesh tells the hero that Johari has married Yesufu, bringing peace between the rival tribes.


  • Johari means "jewel" in Swahili.