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Behind the scenes[]

Hans is inspired by fan fiction novels written for the The Halfwittenberg Door. In the original fan fiction he was a Magician. In Hero-U universe he has been adapted into a Paladin.[1]


  1. jedvorak 26 Jul @ 8:46pm Oh, my goodness, Mortuai's and Vely's "inventor" will be delighted to hear of all your interest. I, as Jamus' and Whim's creator, am certainly pleased. Along with Hans, these characters were once residents of The Halfwittenberg Door, a discussion board born out of the Quest for Glory games. They all have complicated backstories---Jamus is the central character in my novel series, "The Saga of Magiskeep." However, all three have been given to the Coles to become part of the larger story behind Hero-U with great artistic freedom granted to change them as they will. (My original Jamus is not a Knight Paladin, but rather a Magician.) Reading all the entries in the book in the Library will fill you in on much of their importance. And, at one point, after he finds the ghosts, Shawn can also get more information about them from the Librarian. Who knows where the story will go? Let's root for the Coles go be able to make the rest of the games they've planned for the series.