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Italy (or Italia) is a land to the north of Mariana and Silmaria. It lies to the east of Hispania and Gaul (and/or France).


Hesperia is the Greek name for the Italian peninsula. Why the Romans/Hespariens refer to it as Italy, but sometimes Rome or the Roman Empire (though the latter refers to the Roman colonies beyond as well).

It includes Rome, and Venice, and the fallen Pompeii. The Italian chefs are known for their use of garlic in many of their foods. It is the main nation in the Roman Empire that rules over several other nations.

Vesuvius is a volcanic mountain in Italy that destroyed Pompeii. The Rubicon is a river that passes through northern Italy.

Behind the scenes[]


Italy is not specifically mentioned in QFG games but is more than implied by the term Italians.

Italian also originates from 'Italia' the Roman name for the country in antiquity.

While many fans associate Nova Roma with Rome, QFG5 clearly indicates them as seperate entities in context. Nova Roma historically refers to secondary capital in eastern side of the empire, also known as Constantinople. Nova Roma literally means 'new Rome'.