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Hero's Quest III: Shadows of Darkness was the original third game in the planned Hero's Quest series.


Hero's Quest III: Shadows of Darkness would have been the third game, following Hero's Quest II: Trial by Fire. Hero's Quest III was to be followed by Hero's Quest IV: King's Crown.

"The original third chapter," added Lori, "was to be Shadows of Darkness, set in Transylvania the East - and in the Fall, using Air as the central element." "The third game," continued Lori, "was to show you as a master of your profession,[1]

The game was renamed Quest for Glory III: Shadows of Darkness after it was decided avoid using Hero's Quest due to Milton Bradley's HeroQuest board game (and its own upcoming video game adaptation). The game was teased at the end of Trial by Fire.

However, the plot of Shadows of Darkness was pushed back as the fourth game, with Quest for Glory III: Wages of War taking its place in August 1992. For unknown reasons, Sierra dropped the roman numeral from Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness, releasing the game as Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness in December 1993.

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