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Box Mockup as seen in 1991 Radio Shack catalog.

Hero's Quest II: Trial by Fire was to be the sequel to Hero's Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero for a September 30, 1990 release under the Hero's Quest banner before the name changed.


Hero's Quest II: Trial by Fire teased at the end of the credits for Hero's Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero.

Hero's Quest was planned as a four game series which would have followed the character as he or she grew from a wet-behind-the-ears Famous Adventurers' Correspondence School graduate, to a true Hero . . . and beyond!

Hero's Quest II: Trial by Fire was teased at the end of the released version of Hero's Quest I.

Just before (or soon after) the release of Hero's Quest 1 they began story-boarding Hero's Quest II: Trial by Fire, which would take the player's Hero into the exciting and mysterious world of the Arabian Nights ... a land of golden sands, turquoise skies, wondrous magic and fantastic adventure, where the plaery could continue with their characters from the first game, or start new characters from scratch.

Sometimes loops (animation segments) from other games are stolen as temporary stand-ins (for example segments of the Hero walking or riding from Hero's Quest I were used in the beginning stages of Hero's Quest II).[1]

The Summer 1990 issue advertised that a preview of Hero's Quest II will be included in the next issue.[2] Though this never came to be, by the next issue they had renamed the original game in the series "Quest for Glory", and started marketing the sequel as "Quest for Glory II: Trial By Fire." At some point between Summmer 1990 and Fall 1990, the series name was switched to Quest for Glory since Milton Bradley had already trademarked the name for their board game.

You may remember this game as Hero's Quest. After publication of that game, it was discovered that the Milton Bradley Company had already trademarked the name 'HeroQuest', and a decision was made to change the name to avoid confusion. Only the name has been changed -- it's still the same great game."

Thus, the second entry became Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire and the Hero's Quest name got dropped entirely with the re-release of Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero in early 1991.

Sales of Quest for Glory II were hurt by as much as 50% due to the name change. Sierra received a large number of calls each week from customers asking when 'Hero's Quest II' was going to be released. Sierra had to change the name of the series to Quest for Glory when the original name of Hero's Quest turned out to be the trademark for a board game by Milton Bradley. Interestingly enough, Milton Bradley had at the time recently announced that they would soon market a computer game called Hero Quest (sic, see HeroQuest). The official word is that their release of the computer game had absolutely nothing to do with Sierra's old game by the same name.

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In the original plans for the Hero's Quest series, Hero's Quest II was to be followed by Hero's Quest III: Shadows of Darkness (aka Quest for Glory III: Shadows of Darkness), and Hero's Quest IV: King's Crown (aka Quest for Glory IV: King's Crown).


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