Harami is a Thief who attempts to rob the money changer of Tarna.


The Hero aids in Harami's arrest and witnesses his trial, during which Harami is declared Honorless. Harami scoffs at this punishment, but later realizes exactly how harsh it is—no one in the city will conduct any sort of business or even speak with him, and the caravans have stopped running out of the city due to rumors of war, leaving him stranded. He is able to survive because the meat merchant, Kalb, takes pity and leaves a little food behind at night. The Hero comes to the aid of the starving thief by giving him food and companionship, and telling him about Rakeesh.

Later, Rakeesh brings Harami to the Lost City to aid in facing the Demon Wizard. Harami accepts the chance to flee Tarna, but refuses to fight the demons when the time comes. He is replaced by Manu the monkey to fulfill Sekhmet's prophecy. Shamed by his own cowardice, Harami redeems himself by coming to the Hero's aid during the battle with the demonic doppelgangers, keeping the hero's demonic counterpart busy while he goes to prevent the Demon Lord's arrival in Tarna.

He appears only in Quest For Glory III: Wages of War.

Behind the scenesEdit

His name means "thief" in Arabic.