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The Goblin Ambush[1][2] (aka Goblin Lair[3][4][5] and Goblin Hideout[6]) refers the versions of an area that appears in different releases of Quest For Glory I and Hero's Quest I.


The Goblin Hideout lies two screens north of the mushroom ring, it is the goblin’s lair. You can avoid it, or can return as often as you wish to practice combat (and get extra cash). Each time you return, however, the number of goblins you encounter will increase by one.[7]

In Devon's story (and universes), he went on a search for 'green fur'. But wasn't sure were he could find it. He supposed the sickly green skin of the goblins could be called “fur,” but wasn’t that stretching the definition? Still, he had nothing else to go on, so he went in search of a goblin. As he approached the goblins’ hideout, he heard a weird squeaking sound to the west. Following the sounds he discovered the Meeps.[8]

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