Supernatural creatures of the undead which prey upon the living. The very touch of one's claws has a chilling effect upon the victim similar to frostbite. The more wounds the ghoul makes, the more the victim's movements are slowed, until he finally collapses. It is best to avoid damage from Ghouls entirely.[1]

The Ghoul is a creature of the night. The scrape of its claws chills the soul and draws the very life away from a person. It takes a very agile adventurer to avoid death at its hands. Harik Attar was trying to develop a pill which would protect against the effect of the claws of the Ghoul.

Ghouls only appear at night.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Ghouls (unofficial)Edit

Ghouls appear in Quest For Glory II: Trial by Fire VGA, see Ghouls (unofficial).


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