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The Fire Elemental was the first of four Elementals summoned by the evil wizard Ad Avis to attack the city of Shapeir during Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire.

It appeared in the Gate Plaza on Day 4 and burned down the stand of Alichica, the junk merchant, although it wasn't seen by the Hero the rest of the day.

However the Elemental returned the next day. It was roughly human-shaped with a body composed entirely of living flame. To defeat the Elemental, the Hero consulted Harik Attar who provided him with Incense to use as a lure. The Hero poured a trail of incense on the ground to lead the Elemental into a nearby alleyway where is could not easily dodge. Placing a Brass Lamp on the ground the Hero then sprayed the Fire Elemental with water from his Waterskin, causing it to retreat into the lamp where it was captured. The lamp became magical, and would produce a small flame whenever it was rubbed, providing light.


The essence of Fire is hunger. As long as there is something nearby to burn, it can move about freely. It can consume the very bricks which make up floors and buildings. Until it is contained, it cannot be controlled. The weakness of Fire is Water, but the Elemental of Fire will avoid water by moving away from its source. Once it is captured and contained, it behaves as a magical flame.

According to the Astrologer, the Fire Elemental would gain more power as the planet Lahib is ascending.

Behind the scenes[]

If the Hero hasn't captured the Fire Elemental, or if he somehow dropped the lamp, he won't be able to progress into the Forbidden City much later.