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The Earth Elemental was the third of four elementals summoned by the evil wizard Ad Avis to attack the city of Shapeir during Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire.


The Earth Elemental is the magical essence of stone and rock, and the essence of Earth is strength. The nature of the Earth Elemental is to endure. It draws its strength from the very stones that make ground (or the if in a city, the city itself). It cannot be defeated by a single blow, but must be worn away before it can be captured, and it is only vulnerable to flame. Fire disrupts the essence of earth and allows the Elemental to be damaged. It has vulnerability to magical flame, such as a flaming sword. Without Flame, the Elemental simply cannot be defeated.


The Earth Elemental sent to attack Shapeir was called Rocky. It appeared as a large, roughly human shaped creature made of clay and could be found in the streets and alleyways of Shapeir. In order to defeat this Elemental, the Hero used a fire-type attack to damage it. This was accomplished either by casting the Flame Dart spell, using a Powder of Burning acquired from Harik Attar, or by using the Paladin Rakeesh's flaming sword Soulforge. Once the Elemental had been brought down, the Hero captured it in a Cloth Bag of the type used to carry sand.

The essence of the Earth Elemental was later used as a gift for the plant woman Julanar, allowing her spirit to be reawakened.

Behind the scenes[]

If the Hero neglects to destroy Rocky, it will destroy Shapeir on Day 14.