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Earth is another name for Gloriana, and is also one of the four Elements.[1]

Dr. Cranium's great-grandson Dr. Brain refers to world as Earth, and also to United States (among many other places. It can sometimes link to other parallel worlds such as Cerebral Hemisphere).

While the Dr. Brain series does list many different locations. This list only includes those pertaining to The Castle of Dr. Brain (as the Coles worked on it) though its technically set in the same universe as the first game. For more information see Earth (Dr. Brain)

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  • Nineveh
  • Fresno
  • Oakhurst
  • Vancouver[12]

Behind the scenesEdit

In QFG2 it appears that the world in which Quest for Glory takes place is said to be 'Earth'. QFG5 mentions that the world is named Gloriana (though many references within the game still refer to it as 'earth').

Although some of the behind the scenes information by Lori and Corey Cole suggest that it is an alternate world, there are however no known direct, or indirect lore connections between Earth (prime), and Gloriana during the Quest for Glory series (as real Earth is never directly mentioned or brought up in any discussions or descriptions). The only possible exception maybe the reference to the Change. Otherwise the concept of 'parallel earths and co-existing earths' does not appear in officially published sources. See Force wave concept.

Corey has also said that Gloriana is an 'alternate Earth', and that it's not so much a parallel world but rather a fantasy reimagining of Earth rather than a parallel world.[13]

The symbol for 'Earth', natural element in QFG4 is a picture of the planet Earth.

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