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The Dervish is a wise man sitting near the pond in the Oasis, which is in the Desert of Shapeir. His exceptionally long beard twirls around a palm tree. The beard is firmly attached to the tree, but the Hero can take a small piece of it and take it to Keapon Laffin. He will pay 15 Dinars for the beard.

Uns al-Wujud sometimes suggests to the Hero that he should visit him to gain some of his wisdom.

On Day 8 Keapon Laffin says that a bedouin said that the Dervish needs a Hero for a problem with a beast. On Day 12 Uns al-Wujud says that the local bedouins left a cryptic message from the Dervish to the Hero: "Man who looks for troubles comes to right place" and "Good comes from evil when dark is enlightened".

The Dervish gives the Hero information about where to find the caged beast, and also suggests him to consult Harik Attar.


Day 1
Man who go about in desert sun soon find himself Medium well.
Hero business like eating peanuts.
Day 2
He who turns to run away sometimes find knife in back.
Day 3
Freedom is like temper.
Day 4
If fire burns too bright, put damper on lamp.
Day 5
Your saurus is like reflection in pool.
Day 6
He who seeks answers must first ask right questions.
Day 7
Early to bed and early to rise make Jack a dull boy
Day 8
Quest for Glory is same old story
Day 9
Man who eat cookies in bed wake up with crumbs
Day 10
He who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men has Shadow of doubt.
Day 11
Oasis like wise saying
Day 12
Man who talk without thinking have foot-in-mouth disease
To the west of Shapeir and north of here stands a puzzle. Five W's (this is the message that Uns talked about, but perhaps because of a bug it doesn't appear always.)
Day 13
Man who waits too late gets no response from man who waits even later.


  • Dervish of the Desert


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Sometimes the Dervish says some maxims, like "Freedom is like temper". Then the player can ask about freedom or temper and the Dervish will explain his philosophy, sometimes comically: freedom/temper, hero/peanuts, saurus/reflection, glory/story, oasis