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Corey Stuart Cole (born 27 November 1955 in Santa Monica), one half of the Coles, is the co-creator and designer for the Quest for Glory series and Hero-U. Corey was a lead programmer who worked on four of the five games in the franchise, and he helped design and produced Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. He has also designed other games such as the Hoyle series, The Castle of Dr. Brain, Shannara and Bolt Riley: A Reggae Adventure.

He is currently the president for Transolar Games, handling the company administration and community management.


Corey has always been an advent player of Dungeons & Dragons. Before joining Sierra On-Line, he played the game for 10 years and selling the Tower of Indomitable Circumstance role-playing module to Judges Guild. He also founded the MENSA Fantasy Gaming Special Interests Club.

He met Lori Ann at a Science Fiction Convention and after years of crafting their own D&D campaigns, they soon became interested in creating computer games. Corey was a professional programmer since around 1975. Their opportunity came when their friend and Sierra artist Carolly Hauksdottir told them that the company was looking for new game designers. While the Coles both applied to be freelance game designers, Ken Williams was not interested in hiring Corey at first. However, he would be hired as a programmer after showing his expertise in programming for the Atari ST. He started working for Sierra around 1987.

Corey started his career porting the SCI engine onto the Atari ST. He later co-programmed new iterations the SCI engine for use in many Sierra games during much of his tenure at Sierra. Lori first proposed "Hero's Quest" to Sierra in August 1988, and it was green lit in late December. Lori directed and wrote for the project while Corey was the lead programmer for the team.

Hero's Quest: So You Want to Be a Hero was first published in October 1989 on 3.5" floppy discs. However, it was soon discovered that Milton Bradley company had already trademarked the name "HeroQuest" for their board game. The series' name was changed to Quest for Glory, and the game was later re-released as Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero. The first game was a success in the end, selling over 250,000 copies and Computer Gaming World declaring it "Adventure Game of the Year". While Corey wasn't credited as co-developer of the game, he is acknowledged as such by the games industry.

The second game had the Coles maintaining their roles. Quest for Glory II: Trail by Fire was released in November of 1990, selling over 100,000 copies, and earning SPA Certified Gold.

The series went into a brief hiatus as the Coles worked on other projects. When work finally began on the third game, Corey was designing the puzzle adeventure game The Castle of Dr. Brain, was put in charge of the educational games group, and was also assigned to help port some of Sierra's titles onto the Sega CD. Because he was so busy, he is only credited as a co-designer.

The Castle of Dr. Brain was published in 1991. The Dr. Brain series is notable for being licensed on the Children's Television Workshop for use in their TV programming on December 9, 1993. Corey had little to do with the sequels other than the title to the game, and copying game mechanics from the previous title. They designed a new junior writer because they didn't want to pay the Cole's royalties or a reasonable flat payment. It was something that Corey was unhappy at the time.

With Shadows of Darkness finally coming along as the fourth installment, this would mark as the only game that Corey worked full time as a designer and writer rather than a programmer. The Coles shares credits as writers, designers, and directors of this game and writers of the manual, "HERO: The Journal of General Job Adjusting."

Dropping the roman numeral four, Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness was first published in December 1993 on floppy discs. Unfortunately, late gaming development forced Sierra to ship the game with inadequate testing. The first version of the game was riddled with game breaking bugs, and Sierra had to put out patches to mitigate the issues. However, the game was later moved onto the CD format that vastly improved the original release. Not only did the programmers have time to fix most of the bugs, Shadows of Darkness became the first game in the series to feature professional voice acting, which Corey helped out in recording.

While Scorpia magazine criticized the title for its bugs and puzzle designs in their April 1994 issue, Computer Gaming World referred to it as "...another award winning adventure."

During his years with Sierra, the Coles were freelance contractors working for royalties. When the fifth game of the Quest for Glory series was about to be cancelled, Lori and Corey formed FAR Productions and created Shannara for Legend Entertainment. He then worked on an online card and board game site. Meanwhile, fans of Quest for Glory organized a mail campaign to convince Sierra to make Quest for Glory V with its creators. While Lori was rehired as an employee, Corey felt Sierra were not fully commit to the new game, so he spend the next year working for a company near San Francisco.

When he finally returned as an employee for Sierra Entertainment in 1997, he joined the development team for Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire as a programmer and a system software engineer. Because he joined late in the game's creation, his contributions were limited. The game was released in November 30, 1998.


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  • Corey makes an appearance during the awards ceremony at the end of Quest for Glory I: So You Want to Be a Hero.
  • A building under the sea near Silmaria looks like the school where Corey learned "Sea ++".[1] In school, Corey was also known as "Nap King" Cole.
  • An exit in the Hall of Justice in Silmaria leads enchanted land of Lori Ann and Corey Cole.[2]
  • Corey also enjoys playing card games such as Magic: The Gathering.

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  1. This building looks a lot like the school where Corey learned Sea ++.
  2. The exit lies..." " a deep dark hole..." " the enchanted land..." "...of Lori and Corey Cole."