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The Butcher Shop is a closed up shop in the Town of Spielburg. It is featured in Quest for Glory I.


The Butcher Shop is found on the west end of Tavern Street, next to the Bakery. The shop is marked by a shingle sign depicting a cut leg of meat.

Butch Beefmeister is the town butcher. As he has been cut off from supplies due to a combination of the winter and the brigands, he has closed up the shop and spends his time during the events of Quest for Glory I in the Aces and Eights Tavern, playing cards with the Baker.

Humorously, the sign on the door to the shop says "Gone Fishing". This is explained if the Hero hangs around in the Tavern long enough to hear that the two men are playing "Go Fish".

In-Game Interactions[]

The Butcher Shop cannot be interacted with.

Thieves can use their pick lock on the door of butcher shop to get lock picking practice, but if they do it three times in a row than they are arrested for making too much noise.

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