Budar is Nawar's close friend, and like her, was a harem women in Raseir during its occupation by Ad Avis and Khaveen. With the other harem girls, she assisted the Thief in hiding from Raseir's Eunuch guards. After the Hero and the Underground liberated the city, she and Nawar, along with Ugarte and other citizens of Raseir, followed Ferrari to Silmaria to seek fortune.

Budar gained a great deal of weight between Trial by Fire and Dragon Fire, but isn't worried, as she is engaged to Ferrari and he apparently prefers her body type. She works as the bartender at the Dead Parrot Inn.

Behind the scenesEdit

Budar is one of the token characters in the Quest for Glory series that the Hero can flirt with. Many of her responses contain subtle and not so subtle innuendo. She will also play off of flirts directed towards Nawar. She however has no interest in taking the romance any further than the witty banter.

Strangely Budar confirms that the Hero hid in the Harems (no matter what class the player might be). She also remembers the hero, although in QFG2 she can only be met during the thief path.

Budar (unofficial)Edit

See Budar (unofficial).