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The Antwerp is an endangered species of non-sentient animal in Gloriana. It is featured in Quest for Glory 1 and Quest for Glory 4. It is also referred to in Quest for Glory 2. They are named after a town in Belgium.


Many years ago, before the coming of the Hero, Spielburg Valley was infested by a rash of Antwerps. Wolfgang Abenteuer and Schultz Meistersson moved to eliminate them. they were helped by a pair of travelers from Andromeda, and were able to save the valley by either killing or driving off the majority of the creatures. At least one was killed, as its head adorns the wall of the Adventurer's Guild.

Several years later a Hero may or may not have attacked an Antwerp near the secret passage to Brigand’s fortress. The choice was different in different possible worlds in the multiverse...

in some worlds, the Hero attacked the innocent Antwerp, only for it to attack him in retaliation, causing the Hero to raise his sharpest weapon and pop the creature into hundreds of individual babies infesting the valley again.

The Brigands were also known to use Antwerps in their traps.

Dr. Cranium collected baby Antwerp specimens from one such Antwerp explosion which he said occured the previous spring. The Hero used one of these babies in order to find the key and access the Dr.'s lab.

One hero in one universe, Devon Aidendale encountered one such creature, he was smart, he didn't attack the Antwerp. Devon knew that the beasts were not aggressive as long as they were left alone; he walked past the bouncing monster and searched the rocks carefully for the hidden keyhole.

He did not cause any Antwerp population explosions in his versions of the multiverse. While there was a Antwerp explosion and Dr. Craniumn collected specimens it was not caused by Devon.[1]


The Antwerp is a curious creature. The greater part of its large body is blue, bulbous, and bouncy. It has no limbs and seems to travel merely by bouncing in the direction it wishes to go. Its only distinguishing outer feature is its head, which extends from the top of its body.

The details of the Antwerp's appearance differ from game to game:

  • In the EGA version of Quest for Glory I and in Quest for Glory 2, the Antwerp has solid and shiny skin on its lower body. Its head has very distinct features, including four red eyes in two rows of two, two horns growing out either side of the top of its head, and a lighter blue muzzle similar to a dog's or walrus'.
  • In the VGA version of Quest for Glory I and in Quest for Glory 4, the Antwerp's skin is translucent, and its organs are visible inside. Its head is simply a distended extension of its body with few features besides multiple red eyes arranged in a row across the front of its head. QFG4 describes them as: "The Antwerp has soft, delicate fur over a basically rubbery base."

The Antwerp is largely docile, normally content to bounce around in place. They may possibly be territorial, and bounce against anyone who gets to close to them, although this may be simply a natural reaction to encounters.

Its hide is thick enough to repel most any kind of bludgeoning blow or spell. Its body is only vulnerable to sharp objects. Upon being stabbed, and Antwerp will immediately explode into several baby Antwerps. This appears to be the means by which the Antwerp reproduces.

Despite this obvious weakness, the Antwerp will respond to being threatened by a stabbing weapon by launching itself high into the air, where it will slam down on its attacker.

While the details of the Antwerp's diet are unknown, it does seem to prefer avocado.[2]

In-Game Interactions[]

Quest for Glory I[]

The Hero can find an Antwerp in the wild if he starts at the town entrance, travels two screen lengths south, two screens west, and one further screen south. This is also the same area as the Secret Entrance.

How the Antwerp acts will differ depending on the version:

  • In the EGA version, the Antwerp will bounce in a north and southward manner, staying in line with the Hero. The Hero can get around the Antwerp if he wishes by running. If the Hero gets too close, the Antwerp will knock him back and he will take damage.
  • In the VGA version, the Antwerp will stay in one place and if the Hero moves close to it, it will bounce to another part of the clearing.

Though providing neither Puzzle Points nor even Experience Points, the only thing that the Hero can do to interact with the Antwerp is to attempt to fight it. After trying to stab it a few times, the Antwerp will launch itself high into the air. On the next forest screen the Hero travels to, the Antwerp will begin its descent, where it will kill the Hero as it lands. The only way to prevent death like this is to type "raise sword/dagger" or click the Hero's weapon on himself, depending on the version. The Antwerp will explode into several baby Antwerps, which will not harm the Hero. The Antwerps cannot be found again once the Hero leaves the area.

Furthermore, there is a second Antwerp in the valley, which can be found in the Brigand Fortress. In the fortress' courtyard, there is a trip-rope stretched across the north part of the yard. If the Hero trips over it, an Antwerp will fall from above on him. It is unknown if this Antwerp was trained by the brigands or if it was kept in confinement, to be released on the rope being tripped.

Quest for Glory II[]

Antwerps are referred to in the Keapon's Magic Shop run by Keapon Laffin. Among the items on his shelves are baby Antwerp dolls that allegedly blow up if placed on their side. The Hero cannot purchase these.

Quest for Glory IV[]

In Dr. Cranium's House, the Hero can find the same baby Antwerps he left behind in Spielburg. The right-hand door in the entryway of the office has a door with several of the babies behind it. If the Hero opens the door, he will be bounced upon, but suffer no harm as the babies are too small.

The Hero will need to capture one of the babies, using the nearby Antwerp Trap device to identify the baby Antwerp, then placing avocado rations in the device. Once trapped, the baby will be used in a maze, where it will be bounced towards the key to Dr. Cranium's laboratory.

Dr. Cranium will mention that he found his supply of Antwerps in Spielburg, and that it came from an antwerp explosion.

At least one line from the narrator claims this was caused by the hero, regardless if he had attacked Antwerps or not in QFG1.

Quest for Glory V[]

Erasmus and Fenrus discuss having left Spielburg soon after QFG1. Fenrus sarcastically brings up the infestation of thousands of Antwerps may have been a reason.[3]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • It’s canonically possible to beat QFG1 without attacking the Antwerp. Though this choice is not recorded in the game’s data. Later games assume that someone or the hero did attack the Antwerp’s causing a population explosion regardless of if the player stabbed the Antwerp or not. Paula Spiese chose not to attack the Antwerp in her game (as shown in her novelizations in Quest for Glory: The Authorized Strategy Guide.
  • In development the antwerps are thought to be a species from 'out of this world', outer space from Andromeda, and that's the reason why the Two Guys from Andromeda were able to successfully hunt them. The easter egg of the two guys was to link the fact that antwerps are from another planet/galaxy/space. They are essentially a meta Space Quest joke.
  • The Antwerp takes its name from the city of Antwerp in Belgium. There is no specific reference that Gloriana shares the same city, although a pun about a trip to Belgium and visiting 'antwerp' suggests the possibility.
  • It is also claimed that Antwerps may be native to Mordavia as well.[4] It lists them under "Monsters of Mordavia" section.[5] However, Cranium got his samples from Spielburg.
  • In QFG5 Erasmus and Fenris discuss the antwerp explosions and Baba Yaga's leaving as one the reasons why Erasmus left Spielburg Valley.
  • The Readme (Collection) states "You can get rid of the Antwerp. Type "Kill Antwerp". The Antwerp will bounce off the screen. Exit the screen. Just before the Antwerp falls on you, type "raise sword" or "raise dagger". The Antwerp will split into 5 cute little baby Antwerps. In the VGA version, click the sword or dagger on the falling Antwerp. In QFG4, Dr. Cranium mentions this Antwerp population explosion."


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