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The Alpinehurst Farmer's Mart is a produce stand in the Town of Spielburg. It is featured in Quest for Glory I.


The stand is at the corner of Market Street and Tavern Street. It's situated to the right of the Dry Goods Store.

The stand sits in a small alcove against the wall and consists of little more than a display and a couple of barrels. The centaur Hilde stands behind the stand, where she serves customers.

The stand opens at dawn and closes at different times depending on the version. In the EGA version, the stand closes at sunset. In the VGA version, the stand closes once night falls.


In-Game Interactions[]

Five Vegetables 1 silver
Ten Apples 1 silver

While Vegetables are largely useless, Apples are essential to the story. The Hero must ultimately give 50 apples to the Frost Giant Brauggi to receive his Glowing Gem.

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