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Alichica is a curio seller from Shapeir. He once had a stand in Spielburg, but he moved on, and returned to his homeland.

He sells a Map of Shapeir and a Compass for 1 dinar each (50 centimes if you Bargain)

When the fire elemental attacked him in the Gate Plaza, he moved to Fredonia with his friend Harpo[1].

He is apparently good at playing the piano but very strangely.

He looks familiar to the Hero.

Other wares[]

Alichica advertises other curios, but when asked about them, he doesn't have them in stock.

  • A genuine glow-in-the-dark turban made in Japan that says "My father went all the way to Shapeir and all he brought me was..."
  • Shapeir in a Bottle, like a snowball, but represents a sandstorm (Sold twice its cost)
  • Keychain with a genuine Shapeirian brass centime (but costs a dinar)
  • Ashtray of Shapeir from imported coconut shell, hand-crafted by Katta natives in front of the Sultan Harun Al-Rashid
  • A "Guide to Sightseeing in Beautiful Raseir", costs 1 dinar because it's only 1 page
  • Duck
  • Bookends (with a donkey head and an ass)
  • Saurus foot trashcan for Mother's Day
  • Glow-in-the-dark shocks to find always your feet
  • Coconut ashtray with the Sultan's face. Putting the cigarette on his mouth, smoke rings come out his ears.

Names and titles[]

  • Alichica
  • Ali Chica[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Alichica is based on Chico Marx.


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His response about stand, fire, fire elemental will be different before and after the attack of the Fire Elemental.

Asked abuot other merchants, Alichica will give some generic answers given by other merchants and guards. Strangely, he doesn't recognize Lisha, although they are standing in the same plaza.

Alichica has an answer about the Fire Elemental only after he is attacked.

Asked about ducks he will mention making duck soup, which is the Marx Brothers movie that took place in the fictional country of Freedonia.

  1. "The strange man decided to leave town with his friend of the golden hair and strange social behavior. He said something about going to "Fredonia.""
  2. On the stand itself