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The Air Elemental was the second of four elementals summoned by the evil wizard Ad Avis to attack the city of Shapeir during Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. It appeared as a human-sized tornado with eyes when it was seen whirling around the Palace Plaza. In order to defeat the Elemental, the Hero needed to somehow get a bit of earth down the tornado's funnel. This could be accomplished by throwing the earth, using the Levitate spell to drop it from above, or simply walking into the Elemental's cyclone and shoving the earth down it. Once the earth had been used, the Air Elemental was unable to move and the Hero could capture it in a Bellows obtained from Issur.

The captured Air Elemental was later used by the Hero to capture the Water Elemental.


The essence of Air is freedom of movement. As long as there is a place for Air to go, it will continue to grow in destructive power. Only when it is bound to the Earth can it be contained. If the Hero visits the Plaza of the Fountain on Day 9 the merchants will complain to him about the Air Elemental

Behind the scenes[]

There are several ways to defeat the Elemental

  • The Fighter (or anyone having more than 125 Strength) can get in contact with it and drop dirt
  • The Fighter and the Thief can throw dirt inside the funnel.
  • The Magic User (with Levitate) and the Thief (with the Magic Rope) can reach a high point and wait until the Elemental passes near below him, and drop dirt

If the Hero won't stop it in the meantime on Day 11 it will destroy Shapeir.

125 Strength is needed to withstand the elemental, otherwise it costs Stamina.

Strangely, if the Wizard casts Detect near the elemental, the game narration will say that he detects no magic there, obviously a scripting oversight.